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AMA School of Medicine is a well-known medical institution set up in 2008. It has been established where Makati City is located, the monetary and business capital of the Philippines. In 1980, Amable R. Aguiluz felt the absence of computer knowledge in the city and decided to include computer knowledge. AMA school was the first institution in the city that imparted computer training in the educational system. This institution has achieved so much credibility by the students because of its excellent medical system and outstanding infrastructure and facility.

The college offers 6 years (2 years medical course known as Bachelor of Psychology and 4 years of medical education known as MD program)

AMA School is one of the best medical universities. It offers quality medical education programs at very economical tuition fees. All the programs are controlled and managed under the supervision of the experienced faculty and state of the art infrastructure.

About The Philippines

The Philippines is situated in South Asia, and also called the Republic of the Philippines.  It is one of the largest archipelago nations. This beautiful place is covered with 7,641 islands, beautiful beaches, and eye-appealing natural beauty. It is the 13th most populous country in the world. You will be surprised after knowing that there are 175 languages spoken in the Philippines. And it’s the native language is English. It is one of the safest, beautiful, developed, and educated countries in the world.

When it comes to medical education, the Philippines is preferred to the top country for overseas students due to many reasons, like, first language English, moderate climate, calm environment, excellent  US education system, and affordable living standard.

Apart from climate, and a good education program, Eduquanta has a great hold in this country. So, if you take the admission to AMA School of Medicine, Philippines, our consultants always stay in touch with you. In case, if you face any program you contact us anytime. Right from submitting the application form, visa approval, to college orientation, we will support you in everything.

Draw your attention to the highlights of the AMA School of Medicine

  • MD degree in AMA school is equivalent to an MBBS degree in India, UK, Singapore, Russia, and other nations. And students will be given a permit in India like other MBBS specialists.
  • AMA School is the best college for considering MBBS from Abroad. There is no requirement for an entrance test to study medicine in this college.
  • The method of training in AMA school is top-notch and it’s a great open door for Indian students who want abroad exposure along with great education at low tuition fees.
  • The professors of this institution are highly experienced and instruct every session in the English language.
  • Since this institution has two campuses, i.e., Makati campus, and Cavite campus, in case if you are unable to get admission at Makati, there might be a chance you will be selected in the Cavite campus.
  • AMA provides clinically and excellent education knowledge to the students in their own affiliated hospitals.
  • AMA School of Medicine is backed by the Medical Council of India and listed in the World Directory of Medicine.
  • The best thing about studying at AMA School of Medicine is that you don’t need to learn a new language. All the classes will be instructed in English and 95% of inhabitants in the Philippines communicate in English.
  • Looking to a brighter side of this college, it has broad exposure to clinical practices due to highly equipped hospitals and laboratories.

The Milestone of Educational Institutions of AMA Education System:

The AMA education system has a huge education network in Asia, with over 200 campuses in the Philippines. The AMA education system regulates the institutions we have listed below.

  • AMA University
  • AMA Colleges
  • AMA Computer Learning Center i.e. ACLC
  • ACLC College
  • ABE International Business College
  • Augustine School of Nursing
  • AMA Basic Education
  • New Delta Air International Aviation Academy
  • AMA School of Medicine
  • Southern Luzon College
  • Veronica College
  • Augustine International School
  • AMA International Training Institute
  • AL FAWZ International School
  • AMA International University, Bahrain
  • ACLC Hong Kong Campus
  • ACLC Macau Campus
  • AMA International Training Institute, Bahrain
  • ATHENA Private School for Special Education

AMA School of Medicine Can be the Best College for the Indian Students

To pursue medical in India, either student has to clear the NEET with a high rank or pay a heavy donation in the private medical universities. In case, if they are unable to crack the NEET with excellent grades, only a private college option will be left in their hands. Rather than paying heavy donation and expensive tuition fee to the private medical college, it is good to avail for the overseas medical institution that tuition fee is moderate and backed by National Medical Commission (Formerly Medical Council of India, MCI).

AMA School of Medicine is recognized globally because of its renowned infrastructure, high-grade faculty, and updated medical education system. The students are needed to pass BS psychology, i.e. Bachelor of Medicine, a two-year program followed by the students after completion of 12th. Once you pass this course successfully, you can enter into an MD degree, which is known as MBBS in India. It is the 4 years program in which students learn practical and theoretical medical knowledge. The degree you will get from this college allows you to start a medical practice across the world. To gain a medical practicing license in India, you simply need to clear the MCI Screening Test, and the best part is that AMA school offers free MCI training to its students. Also, you don’t have to do an extra one-year internship in India after clearing the screening test.

Eligibility Criteria to Get the Admission to the AMA School of Medicine

AMA School of Medicine is located in the middle of the country and sticks to the US education system. MBBS in the Philippines is called the BS-MD program. 2 years for BS and 4 years for MD. The eligibility criteria of BS is different from MD. Take a gander at the eligibility criteria to Study MBBS in the AMA School of Medicine.

Criteria for taking admission into BS.

  • The applicants must have passed the 12th standard with at least 50%
  • The applicants must be from the science stream (PCB).
  • NEET must be qualified.

Criteria for taking admission into MD.

  • Students who have done B.Sc. or any other graduate course and wish to pursue MBBS can also apply at AMA School of Medicine.
  • Students have to clear the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) for taking admission into MD.
  • Students must have passed the 12th standard from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Study Pattern:

As mentioned, the AMA School of Medicine strictly follows the US education system. So, aspirants who are looking forward to pursuing MBBS from this institution need to learn a BS-MD course. This course is exceptional and incorporates advanced educational material.

Initially, 2 years you need to learn BS Psychology which is also known as the Pre-Medical course. Aspirants who have passed 12th from PCB can apply for this course. This course is designed to provide a brief overview of General Psychology, General Chemistry, Elective Principle, and Research Psychology.

Once the aspirants complete their BS psychology program successfully, then they can opt for MD course, which is known as MBBS in India. But, before enrolling in the MD course, you need to clear the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). In 4 years of MD, aspirants will learn theoretical/ practical lessons.

Accreditation of AMA School of Medicine

  • Medical Council of India.
  • World Health of Organization.
  • CHED

What is NMAT?

NMAT stands for National Medical Admission Test, which is regulated by CHED, Commission on Higher Education and CEM, Commission for Educational Measurements. This nationwide exam is very easy to crack and designed to facilitate entry to the prestigious medical universities in the Philippines.

Exam Pattern of NMAT

The NMAT has two subtests- In Subtest 1, students need to prove their mental ability by solving 200 questions in 3 hours. In subset two, they need to show their academic proficiency in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Fees Structure:

Want to pursue MBBS in the Philippines at an affordable cost? If yes, then the AMA school of medicine fees can be bearable for you.

AMA School of Medicine offers students a quality education in academics. Besides theoretical knowledge, they also offer practicals and deep knowledge, instructed by experienced professors. It has a modern classroom, practical labs, and curricular life. Compared to other institutions, the AMA school of medicine tuition fee is cost-effective.

AMA School of Medicine Fee Structure for 6-years MBBS Course (BS-MD) After 10+2

ParticularsBS-1st YearBS-2nd YearMD-1st YearMD-2nd YearMD-3rd YearMD-4th YearTotal Fees
Tuition Fees (in PHP)3,00,0002,00,0002,50,0002,50,0001,50,0001,00,00012,50,000
Exchange Rate1.
Tuition Fees (in INR)4,50,0003,00,0003,75,0003,75,0002,25,0001,50,00018,75,000

AMA School of Medicine Fee Structure for 4 years MBBS Course (MD) After B.Sc. or any other graduation course.

ParticularsMD-1st YearMD-2nd YearMD-3rd YearMD-4th YearTotal Fees
Tuition Fees (in PHP)3,00,0002,50,0002,50,0001,50,0009,50,000
Exchange Rate1.
Tuition Fees (in INR)4,50,0003,75,0003,75,0002,25,00014,25,000

Living Expenses:

Accommodation – Rs. 6,000-7000 per month Approx on a sharing basis.

Indian Food – Approx Rs.7000-8,000 Approx per month.


Available for Indian students based on their BS results.


There will be NO increase is Fees during the duration of the course.

NO Hidden cost. NO Donation.

Free MBBS material worth more than Rs 1,00,000 including MCI Screening test questions, USMLE study Material, E-Books, Educational Videos, etc.

Accommodation Details

  • Well furnished hostel rooms.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms.
  • 24X7 Wi-Fi.
  • Comfortable beds.
  • A sports court for physical activities.
  • Round the clock medical facility.
  • Gym

Admission Process

The admission procedure in the Philippines is quite straightforward with Eduquanta. Our professionals can help in applying to get approval for a visa. For taking at this medical institution, you need to qualify the eligibility criteria. And our consultant will support so that you can precisely follow the admission procedure. Contact Eduquanta if you are thinking of taking admission to AMA Medical College for Study MBBS in Philippines.

The following are the basic steps you need to follow to get admission to this college.

Step1: Fill out the application form.

Step2: Applicants are needed to submit their scanned documents to Eduquanta. Our professional will cross verify it.

Step3: It takes around 2 weeks to audit your application and issue a confirmation letter.

Step4: Deposit the tuition fee in the university’s bank account.

Step5: Now our consultant will help you get the visa to fly to the Philippines for your study.

Duration of MBBS at AMA
  • The total course duration at AMASOM is 6 years (including 1 year of internship)
  • The initial 2 years is for BS psychology which is the pre-medical course followed by 4 years MD course.

In the event, if you face any issue regarding learning courses, medical, the accommodation you can ask Eduquanta to help you. Our consultants give extensive care to the students and serve.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in AMA School of Medicine
  • This medical college has achieved great credibility across the globe. It has a modern infrastructure and backed by renowned authorities, like MCI, WHO, UNESCO, IMED, and a few more.
  • They have a team of highly qualified professors who have created a healthy and educational environment. You will be glad after knowing that all the lectures are instructed in the English language.
  • Students may also benefit from the scholarship program.
  • One of the best advantages of getting admission is that you don’t need to pay donation money apart from the tuition fee.
  • Students will get a safe and healthy ambiance in the college and hostel as well.
  • This medical college also offers you free MCI coaching, where the students can discuss the exam pattern, syllabus, and learning material with the professors.
  • Indian food is easily available in the canteen, restaurants, and hotels.
  • AMA School of Medicine tuition fee is lower than in other universities.
  • AMA School is affiliated with 3 hospitals in Manila (Quirino, AFP, Pasay, General Hospital)
  • AMA School of Medicine has a flexible payment scheme.
  • Outstanding learning resources, smooth admission process, and affordable education, and budget-friendly living cost.
  • The Philippines is a dominant female country. However, it is safe for both boys and girls. The students who study here feel relaxed and focus on the goals effectively.
  • Studying in the Philippines would be a wider vision because, after graduation, students have a better chance of employment compared to other countries.
Why choose Eduquanta for guidance and counseling?

Eduquanta supports students who have the dream of doing MBBS from abroad. Like other courses, we also help you to do BS and MD from the AMA School of Medicine. Look at our services.

  • We help you in choosing the best overseas medical university and program.
  • Filling admission form for the students.
  • Resolving all your queries regarding country, college, and courses.
  • Pre-departure briefing.
  • Share the accurate AMA school of medicine fees structure.
  • Post-arrival arrangement.
  • Help you in obtaining a visa.
  • We provide compassionate and professional work.
  • We are honest with our clients and offer readily available to help them.
  • We provide quality advice on MBBS education.
  • Our consultants are transparent and efficient.
  • We offer extensive care to our students in the Philippines.
  • Over 95% of students are satisfied with our services.
Counselling Process:

Eduquanta is your one-stop destination for providing professional consultancy services to the students who wish to pursue MBBS from abroad. They can get in touch via telecommunication or face to face.

Our tile-counseling gives you an overview of the services and resolves all your queries effortlessly.

We also provide reliable personal counseling services to the students. Our experienced consultants are readily available to answer your queries face to face. You are free to express your opinion with us and we will try to clear out all your doubts.

No matter what you need our help when studying in the Philippines, dial our consultancy service number and share your queries with the consultants.

About Makati City:

Makati City is one of the multinational and financial centers in the Philippines. It is also known as the business capital of the country. Makati City has low transportation costs, hi-fi hotels, eye-appealing shopping malls, and a few more. If reading is your hobby, then it’s a perfect place to live in. There is a Neilson Airport tower which is accumulated with an amazing collection of books. Along with that, there are many beautiful places to explore in Makati city, like Ayala Museum, Yuchengco Museum, Greenbelt Park, Ayala Triangle Park, and a lot more.

How can Eduquanta help Indian students to take admission in AMA School of Medicine?2020-11-09T12:23:38+05:30

Eduquanta is a leading MBBS consultant that helps Indian students in setting up their careers in the medical field. They provide you detailed information about the college, faculty, infrastructure, education system, and student visas.

Can Eduquanta help in taking admission to AMA School of Medicine?2020-11-09T12:24:44+05:30

Yes, MBBS Admission Counsellors of Eduquanta are readily available to help you in the admission procedure.

Does MCI approve AMA School of Medicine?2020-11-09T12:25:19+05:30

Yes AMA School of Medicine is approved by Medical Council of India and other global authorities like WHO, UNESCO, USMLE, and FAIMER.

How Eduquanta led its counselling process?2020-11-09T12:25:54+05:30

We start our counselling by asking about your requirements and budget. Once we know where you stand and how much you can pay for your medical fee effortlessly, we provide you with the best colleges that meet your requirements. After that, we will head over to the admission procedure, then visa approval, and help you throughout the six years of MBBS journey.

What is the medium of teaching in the Philippines?2020-11-09T12:26:28+05:30

Unlike other countries, China, Russia, Japan, In the Philippines, English is the main language, which is used by professors to convey their thoughts. 95% of the population speaks English.

Is Hostel Facility available?2020-11-09T12:27:23+05:30

AMA School of Medicine has an on campus accommodation for overseas students. The campus is well-equipped with all necessities.

How is the weather?2020-11-09T12:27:58+05:30

Since it is a tropical country, the weather is always good, neither chill nor hot.

Is vegetarian food available?2020-11-09T12:28:54+05:30

Yes, you can easily find vegetarian food in the Philippines at any street corner.

Can I practice from my country after studying from AMA School of Medicine?2020-11-09T12:29:26+05:30

Yes, you are completely free to practice in your country.  You will get the degree, which is recognized by MCI and WHO and other government authorities.

What is the cost of living in the Philippines?2020-11-09T12:29:59+05:30

Well, you can easily survive in this country by spending Rs 7000- Rs 8000 per month.

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