Are you someone who aspires to become a doctor? To serve the community with your skill; you have got the guts to commit to a stream of study which required your undivided concentration. But if you are up to it, then the sky is the limit. Each year around 15-16 lakhs of Indian students appear for the NEET exam to qualify and get admission into their chosen college. But many students face unfortunate result and if not result then; high cut off of Indian medical colleges/universities, the high fee of private medical colleges/universities less number of seats in Govt. medical colleges/universities makes students drop the decision of studying for their dream career.

But now students need not worry about all the above obstacles because they have a vast horizon to choose from. In this time of globalization, medical students are welcomed open arms to study everywhere in the world. And for Indian students, it is good news that they can study MBBS in abroad which will give them exposure to a new country, a new culture, a chance to meet people of diverse backgrounds. Try new food live in different weather. For sure a student will grow as a person once out of their comfort zone.

Yes, you read that right. The world is yours!

MBBS abroad is an option for Indian students it gives them International recognition on their return to India and if they don’t want to come back to practice in their home country; then they also have an opportunity to work anywhere in the world, any country of their choice.

The country we are presenting today is Russia. Russia and India have good relations even before India’s Independence. And Russia has the best universities for studying all the streams of education but today we have gathered information about Crimea Federal University which is the oldest and the best university to study MBBS in Russia.

About the Crimea Federal University

The Crimea Federal University was established in 2014. The university has a staff of around 850 people consisting of 530 candidates of science, 60 staff members have honorary titles, 99, doctors of science, 40 university professors, 14 state prize laureates and each year approx 3000 international students complete their studies from this university.

The university has the best modern facilities for students. Laboratories are laced with modern technology so that students learn by the best practical methods; classrooms are also laced with modern technology for better learning for students. The university provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and also they get a chance of clinical exposure during their 1 year of internship.

The students get opportunities to work with their professors on different medical research programs which help them in the best way to learn under the best supervisors. The university has an affiliation with different Government hospitals in Simferopol, Russia.

About the city

The university is situated in Simferopol city, Russia. The city is the capital of The Republic of Crimea second largest city of the Crimean peninsula. The city is a hub of transport, political and economical matters, Simferopol also serves as the administrative center of the Simferopol municipality and for the surrounding Simferopol district.

The city has a lot to explore if one likes to explore the history and modern times mixed beautifully together.

Is studying abroad expensive?

No, not at all; and if you think studying abroad will be expensive and getting admission into foreign Medical universities is tough, then think again. MBBS abroad is cheaper than MBBS in India. In this time of globalization, everything is getting easier with time. But if you still have doubts call Eduquanta for free counseling.

Eduquanta always serves you the best to help you choose the best Medical Universities/Medical colleges for students who want to study medicines to become a doctor, we help aspirants according to their preferences and not so heavy on their pocket.

So, if are not able to get admission into an Indian institute of your choice, don’t worry leaving your comfort zone and flying to a new place will only make you more brilliant than you already are as a person and you will be the best future doctor.

Benefits of studying MBBS Crimea Federal University

  • Duration

The Duration of MBBS is 6 years including 1 year of internship, to have a good clinical exposure.

  • Quality Education

The Crimea Federal University is one of the best universities providing quality education to students by best theoretical and practical knowledge. The university provides students with the best theoretical knowledge and first-hand clinical experience as well; that makes them learn in the best of way.

  • Medium of study

You don’t need to learn a new language as the university conducts the study in English. Hence, Indian students don’t have to worry about learning a new language to study here.

  • Infrastructure

The University has the best world-class infrastructure; with labs and classes equipped with the best modern technology. Hostels are also equipped with all the necessary facilities to make students stay at campus smooth and convenient. So they have nothing to worry about but their study.

  • Faculty

The university has the best medical professionals working with them; who teach the future doctors the best in theoretical and practical education.

  • International recognition

Studying MBBS in Abroad gives the MBBS graduate international recognition on their return to their home country (India). International recognition increases the chances of better offers from govt. hospitals, from private hospitals or run their own clinic, for their career here in India and it’s all up to the MBBS graduate now a Doctor choose from the options as her his preferences.

The Crimea Federal University is recognized by many international medical boards such as WHO, MCI and others.

MBBS abroad consultant India

If you have decided to study MBBS abroad, but not sure where and which university then, Eduquanta is the best MBBS abroad consultant in India. We here at Eduquanta serve with hearty enthusiasm and concern starting from choosing a country and Medical College/Medical University which suits the best to your preferences and not so heavy on your pocket so you can easily get admission to your desired college/university and earn you dream degree to become a successful medical professional. We help you from your first step of choosing a college/university then your visa, and when you arrive in the guest country we pick you from the airport drop you at college/university we stay in your contact throughout to help you with any query.

International cooperation of CRIMEA FEDERAL UNIVERSITY

The University is affiliated with the below organization

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)

Crimea Federal University Faculty

The Crimea Federal University is very friendly and they have plenty of study programs for students to learn in the best environment. The university has the best study pattern that has to prepare one of the best future medical professionals.

  • Faculty of General Medicines
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Pediatrics

Crimea Federal University in brief

Duration6 years
Course Fee19 lakhs (approx)
International RecognitionWHO, MCI
Medium of studyEnglish
HostelsAvailable at Campus
FoodIndian food
NEETQualifying NEET Mandatory

Crimea Federal University admission

The admission process at Crimea Federal University is so easy; as Eduquanta got you covered for your queries and admission process. Eduquanta assists you from the very first step of your application for admission and for the further process.

The documents required for admission application

  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Valid Passport

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Crimea Federal University

  • The student must be a minimum of 17 age and a maximum of 25 on December 31st the before the year of admission
  • The student must have 70% in Physics, chemistry, and biology in 10th
  • The student must have 70% in Physics, chemistry, and biology in 12th
  • Qualifying NEET is mandatory

Once your Admission application is accepted Eduquanta informs you and assists in the next steps.


After your admission confirmation, Eduquanta assists you in making the payment to University. So, that you don’t face any difficulty.


Once you are done with your university application and payment we assist students in applying for his/her visa as soon as possible.

The documents required for visa

  • Invitation from university
  • School certificated attested properly
  • Student’s health fitness certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • NEET scorecard
  • Birth Certificate

To keep in mind

The aspirant has to apply for admission before the admission deadline.

The intake of Crimea Federal University starts in August.

Crimea Federal University fee structure

Fee 1st yearFee 2-6th yearTotal package
6500$4,55,0004000$2,80,00019 lakhs


  • 1 $ (USD) = Rs 70/- INR Approx Calculation. The actual rate at the time of fees paid will be calculated.
  • This Fees package includes Tuition Fees, Hostel accommodation Fees.
  • Indian Food Approx 1000 $ to 1200 $ yearly Extra.

Crimea Federal University Hostel

The university hostels are on their campus. The hostels are well designed and well maintained and equipped with all the necessary facilities so students will not feel inconvenient and give their undivided attention to their studies.

  • The rooms at the university are equipped with beds, table chairs
  • central heating in rooms
  • Rooms are shred on a 2-3 share basis
  • Hostels are 24×7 in security surveillance
  • Indian food is available at the mess.
  • Separate rooms for girls and boys
  • The gym is available at the campus
  • The kitchen is available if students want to cook
  • Reading rooms are available at hostels
  • Playgrounds
  • Hot and cold water available

Crimea Federal University world ranking

With its best infrastructure and providing the world with the Best Medical professionals Crimea Federal University Medical University holds the 19 ranks in Russia and in the world it is 3512. The ranking system is to check if the university has a good infrastructure, up-to-date laboratories, and classes, hostel all is well designed and well maintained. This university`s world rank is quite impressive, hence we can say that it is one of the best places to pursue your MBBS degree.



Eduquanta sends the students in a group with our executive. If the student wants to go alone, they must inform the Eduquanta about their arrival so that our executive in the host country can come and pick up the student from the airport.

It is a must to keep Eduquanta updated about your every decision throughout the process so that we can provide the best service with minimal confusion.

Eduquanta helps you in everything from choosing a Medical College, Medical University and we help you from your visa to tickets to pick and drop to the airport; and this is not it. We help in the guest country starting with pick you up from airport their take you to college/university settle you in, conveniently. Not just there we stay in your assistance throughout the studying period in the guest country you can get in touch with our representative there or call us in India and we will help you in your need.