2020 has been not a pleasant year for not just India but the entire globe altogether. Where the pandemic has affected every business, every activity but one thing it made us all realize that world needs more medical professional and how important they are to our society. But the pandemic has affected the medical colleges and to study of MBBS Abroad for Indian students.

But 2021 has a ray of hope for medical aspirants to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor; NEET was delayed multiple times in 2020 and eventually didn`t happen but allowed students to Study MBBS Abroad. Many students have already started their studies in medicine in 2020 as NEET was delayed so it gave them a chance to save their one year.

Extended dates

Medical colleges and Medical universities around the world have extended their dates of admission form submission in India and internationally as NEET did not take place in 2020, making Medical colleges and Medical Universities extend the dates so that students will not lose a chance to study MBBS abroad.

Change in Medical college or Medical University system

Due to the huge effect on the economy worldwide because of COVID19, clearly, it has affected the Medical aspirants if not the most but not any less for sure; to get admission in their desired Medical college or Medical University. Hence the Medical college or Medical University also have come up with different plans for Medical aspirants.

  • Installments

Many Medical colleges or Medical Universities around the world are providing students to pay their fees in installments; whether new students or the ones already studying in any year.

  • Extended dates for forms

Many Medical colleges or Medical Universities have extended dates for their admission forms. So no students will miss out on any chance of applying for their desired medical college or medical university.

Onetime exceptional decision by NEET 2020

Many students have already started their studies in medicine in 2020 as NEET was delayed so it gave them a chance to save their one year. It was a one-time exceptional decision made by NEET to allow medical spirants to get admission without appearing for NEET which saved them a whole one year.

  • Chance to reappear in NEET 2021

Students who have already started their studies abroad can now appear for NEET 2021 and continue their studies abroad and even those who could not qualify last year has started with their studies and can reappear for NEET 2021 or if they wish to return to India and study, here again, it is all up to their decision. And students who were supposed to appear originally for 2021 will not miss out this year, and study MBBS abroad or India as per their choice.

Hike in MBBS fee in India

There has been an unfortunate hike in MBBS fees in India in every state by private colleges which has made admission in Indian medical colleges a steep climb for people. This is also a reason for Indian students to opt for MBBS abroad.

All these changes in Indian Medical education are making MBBS aspirants opt for their MBBS studies from foreign countries, there is more than one reason for this.

Let`s see the benefits of studying MBBS abroad


Getting into a govt. Medical College is not a piece of cake, and paying for the private colleges is not in the budget of the majority of people; in fact, the cost of MBBS abroad is lesser than studying MBBS in India, even after including MBBS fee travel, the cost of living in foreign.


Studying MBBS abroad is also a great opportunity for medical students to learn and get educated for their dream career in world-class infrastructure; from campus to classes to labs and hostels are all equipped with every necessary modern technology making learning and earning the MBBS degree for the students easy and helpful.  The exposure of theoretical and practical and the abundance of experience of living in a new country and studying it`s all worth it.

International exposure

Studying international for Indian students not just allows them to pursue their MBBS studies, but gives them perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a new culture meet new people from different backgrounds. It foes adds a lot to the personal growth of the student that helps further in career and personal life as well.

International recognition

Studying MBBS in Abroad gives the MBBS graduate international recognition on their return to India. International recognition increases the chances of better offers from govt. hospitals, from private hospitals and or run their own clinic, for their career here in India and it`s all up to the MBBS graduate now a Doctor choose from the options as her his preferences.

International Career opportunity

Studying abroad increases the chances for an international career; not just in India the graduate MBBS student is all free to start their practice anywhere across the globe as they like. They choose to work in their home country, or the country they have earned their degree from, or any other country of their choice. Options are many ones just has to reach that point where they can choose as per their wish.

So what are you waiting for?

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