Why Study MBBS in Abroad?

Study MBBS in abroad for Indian students is not something you can decide willy nilly. It`s a decision for life so take your time. Give yourself a minute to read what we have gathered up for you to help you in order to decide for yourself.

MBBS in abroad for Indian students is gaining popularity every year. There is more than one reason that is contributing to this, increasing no. of medical students in India, fewer colleges to accommodate them all, hole burning high fee for private colleges in India. But MBBS in abroad for Indian students is not just good for they get to Study MBBS in foreign, but it`s a great opportunity which adds a lot to a student’s not just his/her career but personal growth. There is a lot you`ll learn and see if you opt for MBBS abroad.

The question why to Study MBBS in abroad for Indian Students, we have come up with few things that can help you in deciding the best we hope for your lifetime career.

  • International travel: You can have a chance to travel to an amazing international destination where you can feel adventures on the quest for your MBBS degree. Traveling to a new place a whole different country for that matter can make learn so many new things. You probably are surprised to see your own self accomplishing things you never thought you will do.
  • Meet new people: It`s not just you who will be coming to that place to Study MBBS in Foreign, people from other counties will there too. So you will get a chance to know and learn about more than once culture and meet people from different background. Make friends for life.
  • Infrastructure: Medical colleges and Medical Universities in countries like UK USA, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine, etc. have the best modern infrastructure. Talk about their labs, campus hostels, etc. are all top-notch where students can earn their degree and have the best time living and studying there.
  • Experience new culture: The biggest benefits to study MBBS in Abroad or any stream for that matter are that the student gets to learn and see a lot about the culture of the country he/she is going to study. It’s not every day that someone gets to see a new country. To meet new people learn and live in a different culture.
  • Opportunity for personal growth: Home and home of the native is a comfort zone and nothing grows in the comfort zone as we all know. So going for studying MBBS in foreign is a very good opportunity for anyone to have a chance to learn and grow and practice how to be independent and rely on no one but themselves, which will help them throughout their career and in personal life.
  • You`ll learn to appreciate: You will learn to appreciate things from your precious time which you never realized before, like your family siblings, and your own country and culture. When you`re away you see your culture through other`s eyes and see it then completely different.
  • International recognition: Students who study MBBS abroad gain international recognition when they return to India and have the option to work where they like private hospitals, Govt. Hospitals or run their own clinic.

Career Opportunity in MBBS Abroad

MBBS abroad broadens the horizon for career choices for the students who have studied Medicine in Abroad.  The MBBS graduate student can practice anywhere in the world he/she likes or can come back to India and either work in a Govt. hospital, private hospital or run their own clinic in their home country or anywhere in the world.

Best Universities For MBBS Abroad

A number of countries have the Best education system to Study Medicine in Abroad for Indian students, to gain the best knowledge and Quality Education, Medical colleges in abroad, Medical universities in abroad offer the best education to their students. Students learn in the best modern facilities and get the best theoretical and practical experience.

Cost of MBBS in Abroad

If one thinks MBBS in Abroad would be costly, they should think again. Because it`s not at all costly it`s in fact so cost-effective than comparatively private colleges in India.  Private colleges charge so high for MBBS and you have to give donations as well. But to study MBBS in abroad is cost-effective and comes with not just an MBBS degree but an exciting opportunity to travel internationally. Where in India the cost is up to 1cr to get admission in private colleges abroad you can complete your MBBS in between 20-60 lakhs (cost depends on country).

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Abroad

  • Student must be of age 18 at the time of applying for college (different as per country)
  • Student must have clear his 12th with 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology
  • Student must have a clear NEET with qualifying marks

Admission Process for Studying MBBS Abroad

Applying to get admission for MBBS in abroad for Indian students to any college is very easy and simple. You have to choose a country and which Medical College or Medical University you want to study there. Go on the college/university`s website apply there with all the mandatory information and documents. Once the university accepts your application you can now apply for a visa.

Visa Process for MBBS Abroad

Apply for a visa to the embassy of your chosen country the documents you`ll need are mentioned below.

  • 10th and 12th marks sheet
  • NEET scorecard
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs (10)
  • Invitation letter
  • Submission letter from the university

Once you get the appointment fixed show up on time. Pack your bags and fly for the goal you want to achieve!

We`re sure if you choose to study MBBS abroad you will not just return with a Medical degree in your hand, but a bag full off of experience and memories, that whenever you will open it up ahead in your life. You will feel refreshed and perhaps you will know that you have accomplished a lot and still you can fight.

Best Destinations to Study MBBS Abroad


Philippines a country to study MBBS in best Infrastructure and Education system, most popular and growing amongst Indian students, low cost, 5 ½ years of MBBS duration, Indian food, and tropical weather to enjoy for that time long; undoubtedly the best place to study


A beautiful country with the best and up-to-date technology; you can take pride in your life after studying MBBS in Ukraine for 6 years; Ukraine Universities has prepared some of the best Medical professionals and scientific organization heads.


The best choice to study MBBS in Russia offering low-cost tuition fees with 6 years of MBBS course and with diverse social background and strong academic system to prepare the best Medical Professionals.


China is a country is known to get it done, so you won’t be the best to learn from the best. Duration 6 years MBBS in China at low cost and a chance to learn in world best modern technology growing every single day; China will be the best decision to study MBBS there; not just that but to see and learn beyond.


Neighbor country similar culture and environment, low-cost Land, Air, Sea traveling connectivity easy visa and 5 years of MBBS in Bangaladesh recognized colleges.  A chance to stay close to your country and have international recognition, the best education isn`t it a win-win deal.


5 years of MBBS in Kazakhstan at a low cost with no entrance exam, 100% visa, and no need to learn any new language, meet a diverse background of people live in a new culture and achieve your goal.


Kyrgyzstan a country offering a low-cost tuition fee best 5 years for MBBS combining both theoretical and practical education system that makes you become an efficient future Medical professional.

Speaking of what you can gain from studying MBBS abroad,  gear up for 2021

MBBS Abroad 2021

Admission for MBBS Abroad 2021 is open now, students who are planning to opt for MBBS in abroad can apply now for 2021.

To know more about MBBS abroad you can get in contact with Eduquanta. We will help you in choosing the best college as per your requirements.