Getting admission to your dream medical college is still a dream for many. Although results won’t decide your future, it is disheartening to lose an opportunity for which you’ve been working so hard to achieve your goals. Most of the Indian students find it tough to qualify for medical entrances as seats are limited & candidates are large in number. Therefore, the majority of medical aspirants either approach private institutions or make their mind studying abroad. Since getting enrolled for MBBS in the Philippines seems meaningful from a perspective of low budget, there is yet another list of favorable reasons to go for it!

Studying abroad for learning medicine will be a life-changing decision for any talented mind. Forget your worries as now it is possible to get admission to leading medical universities for studying MD/MBBS in the Philippines. In a peace-loving country like the Philippines, students get ultimate exposure to the world of medicine resulting in better opportunities to explore wider areas of medical training for quality education. Philippines country is on the hit list among the most preferred destinations where the majority of Indian students seek admission for the MBBS program.

Knowing that universities for MBBS in the Philippines are now holding accreditation from MCI, medical aspirants approach them to shape their careers in the medical field. The nation is home to reputed institutions like AMA School of MedicineOur lady of Fatima UniversityUniversity of Perpetual Help, & so on and students are preferring to reserve their seats at MCI recognized colleges in the Philippines. No doubt, it is the best option to fulfill your career dreams.

Why Study MBBS in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia of multiple small islands clustered together, hence has beautiful tropical weather between 21 °- 32 °C throughout the year to which Indian students can get easily acclimatized. The country is not just good for holidays but to opt for MBBS for students from everywhere from the globe. It is a rapidly growing hub for medical students to get a quality education and exposure to a new culture at the same time.

The Philippines is the only country producing the majority of doctors and nurses every year. The literacy rate in the Philippines is 91.6% that shows that Education is the highest priority of this country and has the best education system. And have the best MBBS colleges and Universities both private and govt. and the Philippines is English spoken language.

So where do Indian students come in?

In India even after cracking NEET but not being able to have higher marks; having admission to your desired college is not possible. And the high donation of private colleges in India is so disheartening and a big obstacle to pursuing MBBS for Indian students in their own country.

That is why…

For Indian students, it is the best choice to go to Study MBBS Abroad for their MBBS. Medical Universities and Colleges in the Philippines have got all that students will need to achieve their goal of becoming successful Doctors. Infrastructure, environment, English-speaking professors cost, and global career opportunities; Philippines has it all to offer and all are top-notch; and at a very low cost. And it`s a country with the number of Indian MBBS students increasing every year.

There are many advantages of studying MBBS in the Philippines for Indian Students. The Philippines have 8000 seats reserved for foreign students of which 50% of seats are opted by Indian students. The Philippines is a women-dominated country and you can see, their women equally and more active in society which makes the Philippines a safe country for both boys and girls, and commuting is easy for students there. Especially for girls, they can get a chance to see and know the female dominating part of the country.

Advantages to Study MBBS from the Philippines

Let`s talk about the Advantages in brief:


The total MBBS course duration is 5 ½  years, which is divided into two parts:

  1. The 1first year students learn pr-medicine which is called the Bachelors of Science program in which students learn the basics of Physiology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry, etc. under best-experienced professors.
  2. For the next three years, they study MD (Doctor of Medicine) in which they study all about pre-medical, clinical and surgery, etc. and after that, for the last one year they go for their one year of Internship to have a good clinical exposure.


The infrastructure of the Philippines is the best, providing students with all the necessary equipment that helps them to learn in the best manner. Lecture rooms and labs are laced with the best and advanced technology to provide the best education to the students. Students are taught by diagnosing patients under their professor’s supervision that gives them good exposure and confidence with these practical methods of learning.


Indian students don`t have to learn any new language as English is spoken there so there is no problem with the language barrier. Professors present the lectures in English. Even to communicate with locals English is your language as English is spoken there by Philippines natives.


The Philippines was ruled by Spain and America; thus has a big influence on the USA in their culture and also in their education system. Hence US syllabus pattern is followed in the Philippines which is a great opportunity for students to get a quality education. Which opens the doors of getting employed in many other countries after doing their MBBS from the Philippines?

Career Opportunities

Spoken about USA education pattern, but also Medical Colleges and Universities are recognized by WHO and MCI which gives students an opportunity to practice anywhere in the world after their degree. 

MBBS Fee and Cost of living in the Philippines

  • MBBS fee

Studying MBBS in the Philippines for Indian students is surprisingly cheaper even after traveling and paying for education and living for the MBBS Duration, than studying in India in private colleges.

  • Cost of Living

The Philippines is a very affordable place for students and they can live a happily satisfying student life there while completing their degree.

The total cost is 20 lakhs (approx).


Hostels are available for both girls and boys separately laced with all the necessities for a smooth and easy and safe living environment. That helps students to stay focused on their studies perfectly and not to have any inconvenience.

Universities are recognized by:

WHO – World Health Organization

WFME – World Federation for Medical Education

FAIMER – Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.

MCI – Medical Commission of India


The majority of people worry about food in a different country, the Philippines got you covered. There plenty of options are available for vegetarians and Non-Vegetarian. And if still, you are someone who can`t go without the traditional Indian food then, Indian food is served in college hostels and private hostels and also there are many Indian restaurants from where you can choose your food and hang out with friends and locals.


Transportation charges are so low and transport is so easily available.

Eligibility Criteria to get admission in MBBS in the Philippines

Students are required to secure minimum qualifying marks corresponding to 60% aggregate in the higher secondary certificate with Physics, Chemistry, & Biology as mandatory subjects.

  • Student must be of age 18 – 25
  • Student must have 10th and 12th with 50%
  • The reserved category students it s 40%
  • The student must have cleared NEET with qualifying marks.
  • If a student is 17 then he/she can apply for Special study permission(SSP) which is valid for 6 months

Getting a quality education must be your priority at this point as you can’t risk your career at any cost. Becoming a doctor is still a dream for many, so don’t wait for the right time. All the best for all medical aspirants!

Visa process

  • The student must be of age 18 at the time of applying for a visa
  • For a visa, the student has to apply to his/her desired college
  • Once the college accepts your application and you are selected; you can go to the Philippines embassy in Delhi with the required documents.

Required documents

  • 10th and 12th marks sheet
  • NEET scorecard
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs (10)
  • Invitation letter
  • Submission letter from the university
  • Medical insurance
  • Pan Card, Aadhar Card
  • Medical reports to show that you are perfectly healthy to attend the course
  2. Covid19

Top Universities for MBBS in the Philippines

Check with your advisor when you are preparing

Once you have all the required documents and done with submission; show them for the interview in the embassy, don`t be late! Now that you have your visa! Pack and pick your bags and fly to the Philippines!

Don`t forget the tickets!

We here at Eduquanta assist you with all your queries and preparation to peruse for your academic dream to get the best education for your career.  From choosing the college or University which suits best your financial circle and from applying to college to a visa; and we just not leave you there, we stay in your assistance until you complete your degree.