Northern State Medical University, Russia was established in 1932. Situated in Arkhangelsk; Arkhangelsk Oblast is the administrative center city on North-Western Russia it lies on the banks of both, the Northern Dvina near its exit into the White Sea. It is one of the top universities in Russia offering the best MBBS courses for international students. It is a great opportunity for Indian students who are planning to Study MBBS abroad they can opt for MBBS in Russia.

Northern state medical university is the best university in Russia; the university currently has 5500 students studying at Northern state medical university. The university 55 departments and out of 55 departments 27 are clinical based and they are known as the best clinics in the city. The university is laced with all the modern up to date equipment providing students with the best education.

Around 15-16 medical aspirants appear for NEET to take further admission in a medical college at a Medical University. All the students aim to get admission into an Indian College or university such as AIIMS or JIPMER etc. but due to fewer few seats and higher cut-off and higher private college fees make them change their mind and switch to another career. A medical aspirant changing their mind is just not sad and bad for the aspirant themselves; but a huge loss for society. Because the increasing population and lesser number of doctors make society suffer way too much, so now students don`t have to quit their hopes of studying medicine because they have an amazing option Study MBBS abroad, hence MBBS in Russia can be a great option for you to earn your MBBS degree from Northern state medical university, Russia.

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 Northern state medical university

The university currently have 5500 students studying Northern state medical university. The university 55 departments and out of 55 departments 27 are clinical based and they are known as the best clinics in the city. The university is laced with all the modern up to date equipments providing students with best education. The university is recognised by international medical boards like:

  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) etc.

Students are eligible for PLAB, USMLE and other international licence.

Indian students who have earned their degree from Northern state medical university, Russia can practice their medical career in India on their return which gives them international recognition or if they want they have an option to practice anywhere across the world as per their choice.

Advantages to complete your degree from Northern state medical university

There are plenty of Advantages to complete your degree from Northern state medical university some of them are mentioned below:

  • Duration

The Duration of MBBS is 6 years including 1 year of internship.

  • Quality Education

The Northern state Medical University admission is one of the oldest universities in Russia and has been preparing the best Medical professionals since it`s year of establishment. The university provides students not just with the best theoretical knowledge but also with practical experience as well; that makes them learn in the best of way.

  • Medium of study

You don’t need to learn a new language as the university conducts the study in English.

  • Infrastructure

The University has the best world-class infrastructure; with labs and classes equipped with the best modern technology.

  • Focused class and lectures

The university provides students with the best classes and lectures by not overcrowding the classes; every single student is paid with the complete focused attention of the teacher.

  • Faculty

The university have the best medical professionals working with them; who teach the future doctors the best in theoretical and practical education.

  • Laboratory

The university offers the best laboratory so that students can practice they can do their study research and training for practical methodology.

  • International recognition in India

Studying MBBS in Abroad gives the MBBS graduate international recognition on their return to their home country (India). International recognition increases the chances of better offers from govt. hospitals, from private hospitals and or run their own clinic, for their career here in India and it`s all up to the MBBS graduate now a Doctor choose from the options as her his preferences.

The faculties in the university:

  • General Medicines
  • Paediatrics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nursing
  • Post Graduation


International Career Opportunities

Studying MBBS in Abroad gives the MBBS graduate an international recognition on their return to their home country, but also increases the chances of better offers worldwide. After completing you MBBS from Northern state medical university if student wishes to practice their medical career internationally they can have their license after clearing the exam required for the respective country.

  • ECFMG exam

Every year thousands of students appear in the ECFMG exam in India held by the National Board of Examination (NBE). The exam is for MBBS students who have earned their MBBS degree from foreign country for their license to practice and the percentage of FMGE passing percentage is higher than any other country which. ECFMG is to have licence in USA to practice your medical career. Other boards for having a license in the USA is USMLE.

  • PLAB Exam

Students can appear PLAB exam if they wish to practice their Medical Career in the UK to obtain their license in the UK they have to clear PLAB. PLAB is to have a license in the UK to practice your medical career.

There are many other International boards to which an MBBS graduate can apply as per their choice.

Northern state medical university admission

The admission process in Northern state medical university is so easy, the aspirants have to go online for the process. The University offers multiple courses and you can apply for one of your choices. On the website site you can choose your course and fill all the details and send the form via email with all the mandatory documents.

The documents required for admission application

  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • And passport valid for 2 years

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Northern state medical university

  • Student must be 17 of age in December the year of admission
  • Student must have 50% in Physics, chemistry and biology in 12th
  • Student must have 50% in English
  • Qualifying NEET is mandatory

You will receive the admission confirmation or rejection letter from the university after 2-3 days of your application.


After your admission confirmation, you have to pay through bank transfer or any other payment method accepted by university.


Once you are done with your university application and payment student should apply for a visa as soon as possible. International and Non-European MBBS aspirants have to apply for the student. In Russia, international students can get a single entry or double entry visa.


The student should keep it in their mind to apply for a visa extension every year before its expiration throughout their study duration.

The documents required for visa

  • Invitation from university
  • School certificated attested properly
  • Student’s health fitness certificate
  • Passport
  • Application forms with passport size photograph


Higher and secondary education and other above-mentioned documents need to be legalized by foreign Ministry of the resident country and confirmed by Ukraine embassy in the aspirant`s resident country.

To keep in mind

The aspirant has to apply for admission before the admission deadline.

  • Intake of this university starts in September and last date is in June.

Northern State Medical University Fee Structure

Particulars1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year6th YearTotal Fees
Tuition Fees (in USD)5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $33,000 $
Exchange Rate70707070707070
Tuition Fees (in INR)3,85,0003,85,0003,85,0003,85,0003,85,0003,85,0002310000 (Approx)

1 $ (USD) = Rs 70/- INR Approx Calculation. The actual rate at the time of fee payment will be calculated. The amount may vary as per the current exchange rate.

Northern state medical university hostel

The university has 3 hostels on their campus but students can choose if they want to live in the university hostel or want to rent an apartment.

  • The facility of rooms are on a 3- 5 sharing basis
  • Rooms are shared by same-gender however the same corridor can be used by another(neighbor room can be boys/girls)
  • The room at the university is equipped with a bed, table chairs, and a central heating room.
  • The canteen serves multiple cousins Indian, Chinese, Arabic.
  • Each floor has 2 kitchens in which students can cook their own food if they like.
  • The University hotels are 24×7 under security surveillance.


The university has many other activities to keep students healthy and happy so that don`t get frustrated just because they are studying all the time.


  • Dance/Theatre

The university has a dance group called youth in which they perform amateur theatre by different dance forms like, break-dance, pop dance, ballet, etc.

  • Sports

The sport and fitness club of the university has clubs for:

Ice Hockey, Football, Bicycle, Skiing, Tennis, Volleyball, Aerobics, Martial arts etc.

Just to let you know:

The cost of living in an apartment may differ from the hostel:

  • Rent amount depends on the owner.
  • Also library expenses are included in tuition fee
  • Medical expenses. If the students needs to use medical services in Ukraine then they have to bear the expenses in their own or they can have a medical insurance.

Northern state medical university Admission Process

  • Fill the admission application form
  • Admission confirmation from the university by admission letter
  • Addition of document
  • Documents verification
  • Once all confirmed its time for counseling
  • Invitation letter from University
  • Apply for the visa
  • Fly for the university
  • Pay your fee and complete other admission formalities once reach there.

Registration for commencement for classes

Once the student reaches the university, it is compulsory to register; each student has to be at the registration to complete the admission process with their original documents and payment receipt. After the registration students are all set to start their classes normally.

Northern state medical university world ranking

With its best infrastructure and providing the world with the Best Medical professionals Northern state medical university world ranking; Medical University holds the 148 rank in Russia and in the world it is 5500. The ranking system is to check if the university has a good infrastructure, up-to-date laboratories, and classes, hostel all is well designed and maintained. So, this university`s world rank is quite impressive, hence we can say that it is one of the best places to pursue your MBBS degree.


  • Arrival

Eduquanta send the students in groups with our executive. If any student want to go alone, The student must inform the Eduquanta about their arrival so that our executive in the host country can come and pick up the student from the airport. In case a student misses out to inform the he/she will be deported back to their home country.

It is a must to keep Eduquanta updated about your every decision throughout the process so that we can provide the best service with minimal confusion.

Eduquanta helps you in everything from choosing a Medical College, Medical University and we help you from your visa to tickets to pick and drop to the airport; and this is not it. We help in the guest country starting with pick you up from airport their take you to college/university settle you inconveniently; not just there we stay in your assistance throughout the studying period in the guest country you can get in touch with our representative there or call us in India and we will help you in your need.