Ukraine is really a famous name amongst the Indian students. There are a number of reasons why Indian Medical aspirants choose to Study abroad. In India, more than 16 Lakh students appear for NEET every year. The goal is to qualify NEET to become a doctor. But many students turn down the decision of their dream career. The reasons are. The High fee of private institutes in India, High cut-off percentage, lack seats in Government Medical Colleges/Medical Universities.

Hence MBBS abroad option is chosen by many students. And it is actually beneficial to study MBBS abroad. The student will just not get to travel to a new country. But it can be a life-changing decision for them. Living in new countries will give them a chance to see a new culture. Meet people from many different nationalities, make new friends.  Living out of your own country is basically takes you out of your comfort zone. And it’s a world-known fact once someone is out of their comfort zone they grow as an individual incredibly.

So if you have chosen to study MBBS abroad. You are definitely an adventurous and curious spirit. In this blog, we have gathered information about one of the oldest universities in Ukraine. Breathe in breathe out and read the presented information. We are positive it will help you clear any of your doubts. If still not please feel free to call Eduquanta. Our team will provide you with the answers to your queries.

About Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University was established in 1900. It is the Govt. University consisting Director of Institute of Experimental Immunology; founders of scientific medical schools, Noble Prize winner, and World Known scientist. In 1996 the university started to teach in English; becoming the first university to teach in English in Ukraine. In 1997 university received National accreditation.

The Institute is a member of the Bologna process affiliated to the medical council of all the countries. In 2005 the institute received the award of development of the modern method of teaching in the English Language. From the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The university is connected with the European and International Association of universities.

Odessa National Medical University has faced so much in a century; from the First World War, Civil war, and a number of changes in every decade of the century. Still, the University stayed strong and developed further after every hard time.

If you are someone who likes to be one of the pioneers. And like the connection between history and modern time. Then Odessa National Medical University can be the best university for you to study in. The university has produced a number of medical professionals and remarkable intellectuals.

The Odessa National Medical University is has a lot of benefits for international students who are planning to study abroad. The cost of MBBS/MD is very low of this university compared to other European universities.

About the City

Odessa is a city in south-eastern Ukraine. Odessa is 3rd largest city in the country. The climate of the city is warm as the summers are hot; autumn is warm and long. But winters are mild. The city itself is a house of 34 Educational Institutes, 20 museums, 88 health centers, and streets are 1185 in total. The Odessa city is widely known for Woodwork, agriculture, Oil, Coal, Sugar, machinery industry, cement, building industry, and seaport for transporting grains and chemical industry.

Let’s see why it is worth studying at Odessa National Medical University.

Benefits of studying MBBS Odessa National Medical University

  • Duration

The total Duration of studying MBBS at Odessa National Medical University is 5 years plus 1 year of internship. For five years students learn theoretical lectures and lab experience. For the 6th year, they go through 1 year of internship to gain good clinical exposure.

  • Quality Education

The students who graduated from Odessa National Medical University are working in International hospitals as respected medical professionals. The Odessa National Medical University is one of the best and oldest universities providing quality education to students by best practical and theoretical knowledge.

  • Medium of study

Odessa National Medical University conducts lectures in the English language as a teaching medium. The university started teaching in English in 1996 and was awarded for its modern teaching methods in English.

  • Infrastructure

The Odessa National Medical University has the best infrastructure. The university was established in 1900 with a very impressive architectural design. But the university developed the classrooms, hostels, and laboratories everything was equipped with modern technologies, and everything is well maintained. Everything is designed in a way that students can live a good time with no difficulty throughout their studies period.

  • Faculty

The Odessa National Medical University has the best medical faculty. The university has faculties of Surgery, Radiology, Human anatomy, and Dentistry, etc. The university has reputed medical professors. Professors pay attention to each student at the class ratio of teacher-student is 1:14.

  • International recognition

The students of Odessa National Medical University are working across the globe. International recognition broadens the horizon of better job offers for students of this university. From private hospitals, Government Hospitals, or they can run a private clinic. Indian students get international recognition in their home country when they return.

  • International Career Options

The Students trained by Odessa National Medical University are working in International hospitals as respected medical professionals. After completing graduation, the choice is entirely up to the doctors to choose, where in the world they want to work.

  • University Recognition

The Odessa National Medical University is recognized by international medical boards such as WHO, NMC, UNESCO, and others.

MBBS abroad consultant in India

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The international cooperation of Odessa National Medical University

The University is affiliated with the below International organizations

  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • National Medical Commission (NMC)

Odessa National Medical University Faculty

The Odessa National Medical University has the best learning environment. The university has the best study pattern that to prepare the best future medical professionals.

  • Faculty of Premedical Courses
  • Faculty of General Medicines
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Surgery
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Human Anatomy
  • Faculty of Pediatrics

Odessa National Medical University in brief

Duration6 years
Course Fee21 Lakhs (approx)
International RecognitionWHO, NMC, GMK-UK
Medium of studyEnglish
HostelsAvailable at Campus
FoodIndian food
NEETQualifying NEET Mandatory

Odessa National Medical University admission

To get the admission process at Odessa National Medical University all you have to do is contact Eduquanta. Eduquanta team will help in the complete process of selecting a medical College/medical university. Help you in applying for admission and keep assisting you in the next steps like Visa etc.

The Documents required for admission

  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Valid Passport

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Odessa National Medical University

  • The student must be a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 25 in the year of admission
  • The student must have 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in 10th
  • The student must have 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology in 12th
  • Qualifying NEET is mandatory

After your admission application will be accepted by the university. Eduquanta will keep you informed about the next steps in the process.


After your admission confirmation, Eduquanta will help you in the payment process as well. By whichever method is accepted by the university.


Once your admission is confirmed and the payment process is done. Eduquanta will be quick to help you to apply for your visa.

The documents required for visa

  • Invitation from university
  • School certificated attested properly
  • Valid Passport
  • NEET scorecard
  • Birth Certificate
  • Migration and transfer certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • 10th+12th mark sheet

To keep in mind

The aspirant has to apply for admission before the admission deadline. The university takes application on the first come first serve rule.

Applications are open from April

And Intake process is from May – June

Odessa National Medical University Fee Structure

Particulars1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year6th FeesTotal
Tuition Fees (in USD)4370 $4550 $4770 $5120 $5460 $5800 $30,070 $
Exchange Rate70707070707070
Tuition Fees (in INR)3,05,9003,18,5003,33,9003,58,4003,82,2004,06,00021,04,900


  • 1 $ (USD) = Rs 70/- INR Approx Calculation. The actual rate at the time of fees paid will be calculated.
  • This Fees package includes only Tuition Fees.
  • Hostel accommodation 1000 $ yearly (Approx).
  • Indian Food Approx 1000 $ yearly Extra.

Odessa National Medical University Hostel

The Odessa National Medical University hostels are on their campus. The hostels are well designed and well maintained and equipped with all the necessary facilities. So the students will not feel any kind of inconvenience and can pay their undivided attention to their studies.

  • Rooms are shred on a 2-3 share basis
  • The rooms at the university are equipped with beds, table chairs
  • Hostels are 24×7 in security surveillance
  • Each room has attached Bathroom
  • Separate rooms for girls and boys
  • Each room has attached Kitchen
  • Indian food is available at the mess
  • The gym is available at the hostels
  • The sports complex is available for students at hostels
  • 24×7 water supply
  • High-speed Internet



Eduquanta sends the students in groups with our executive. If the student wants to go alone, they must inform the Eduquanta about their arrival so that our executive in the host country can come and pick up the student from the airport and drop you at the university. Our executive will also help you with the rest of the formalities.

It is a must to keep Eduquanta updated about your every decision throughout the process. so that we can provide the best service with minimal confusion.

Eduquanta team helps you in everything from choosing a Medical College/ Medical University. We help you with the admission application. Once admission is confirmed we apply for your visa.  Our executive will pick you from the airport and drop you at the university. Our executive will also help you with the rest of the formalities. We stay in your assistance throughout the studying period in the guest country. You can call our representative there or call us in India and we will help you in your any query of the time.