The world is full of options and diversity but not everything is for everyone; specifically working n medicines. It is one very important valuable and at the same time very fragile occupation. Becoming a doctor is not at all easy and not everyone got what it takes to be a doctor. But for those who do; it is everything for them from sunrise to sunset and in between.

Let`s see why and why not everyone can be a doctor and why medicines are important.

Medicines are one of the oldest and respected in the world. I schools you must have learned that doctor is second to god for people. I always thought putting a person in that high place is exaggerating but, the respect we pay them; they are worth it.

Before we begin with the reason why one should choose a career in medicine. Let`s see what makes medical professionals so important.

It is a Lifetime Commitment

Studying for medicine is at all a piece of cake; it is in fact the hardest commitment to keep up with once you have entered the field of medicine. You have to stay on your toes in your student life throughout your career. In your student life your studies your all-time priority, you can`t miss a class the studies of medicine is fascinating and at the same time let`s be honest, exhausting.

And once you have earned your degree, in your career you have to put others before yourself. Spend sleepless nights and stay with your family and friends sometimes and not complain about it. All in all it is a very important and a job need you entirely kind of occupation. So if you really feel like this is your calling and it is medicines you only want to work in, then you should defiantly go for it.


It demands your dedication like no other. You have to give up a few or more things of pleasure in order to be the best doctor. For example, if you are someone who wants to be a doctor for sure but also loves to sleep. No there is no way you can sleep more than it allows you. If you need five hours of sleep great have it; but you cannot stay a minute more in bed if you have a class to attend.

Now, Top 7 reasons to choose a career in Medicine

  1. Lack of medical professionals in society, hence Doctors always in demand

With the increasing population in the world, medicals professionals are always in high demand. In-country like India with a population of 1 billion and very few doctors; countries need more doctors. It is sad to know that according to LAU India is the only country that has a huge people-to-doctor ratio gap. WHO prescribes 1:1000 whereas in India it is 1:1456 which demands 5, 11,713 in India.

  1. Handsome income

Becoming a doctor is serious dedication and hard work and commitment to life, but when you work it is actually rewarding in terms of internal happiness and also you get impressive financial independence as we all know doctors are paid high.

  1. Respect in society

Apart from being paid a high salary, it gives you a huge recognition in society and people respect a doctor immensely. Where ever a doctor goes he automatically becomes the center of attention adored by all.

  1. Find new cures

The medical field is vast in that it is not just about curing people in clinics or operation theatres, but a medical researcher is always working silently in order to help the world with a cure for diseases with are life-threatening.  A medical researcher gains a good income and respect and recognition from all on their accomplishments and hard work.

  1. Global career opportunities

Only MBBS degree holders have the opportunity to decide where they want to work. They have a broad horizon to choose any country to practice in, and get hired as soon as they apply as we already spoke about it; doctors are always in demand.

  1. Help others

We will not be lying when we say, that the doctors are the most selfless people who put others’ needs before them. They help everyone in need whether on duty or off. They even give up their free time in order to perform their duty which is not at all easy, but somehow it is only the doctors who got this in them to think of other first and help them all.

  1. International recognition

If you are passionate about working in the medical field and want to help people. If you don`t want to work in a clinic or a hospital in one particular country then you have an option to work in the research branch of medicines. So, if you want to change the course of the medical field and do new things in medical technology make a discovery of something new and helpful in medicines; and if your passion drives you surely in that direction then there are high chances of gaining international recognition. Even after your life, you`ll be remembered forever.

Even after the above reason, there is so much you can do in your medical field and have an amazing career by helping others and live your life with pride and peace of mind.

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