Needless to say, NEET is one of the toughest exams to clear. And it holds once a year. Recently, the National Test Agency declared the NEET 2020 results. Out of 15,97,435 candidates, 7,71,500 have passed. If you couldn’t make a decent rank in the exam, you might be disappointed with your NEET 2020 result. But, don’t worry, Eduquanta has come with rays of hopes and guidance. As a leading MBBS consultancy, we provide the best guidance to the students regarding career life.

We understand study MBBS abroad is a dream of many students. They aggressively work hard to clear the exam. But, not all clear the entrance exam with high rank. As we all know, marks are just a number when it comes to achieving dreams. You still become a doctor by taking advice from mentors like Eduquanta. We genuinely guide students and parents and help them select the right medicine stream and university so that they fulfill their dreams without any hurdle.

Taking admission to India’s private MBBS colleges is not a wise decision because they are so expensive and have poor infrastructure. Rather than opting for a private university, Eduquanta recommends you to pursue MBBS in abroad. Along with qualitative learning, you will gain the benefits of international exposure.

With Eduquanta Choose Only the Right Choice

One of the significant benefits of studying abroad is that our counselors are readily available to help until you get your degree in your hand. So, if you are planning to study abroad for MBBS, get in touch with us. We provide you assistance who will help you throughout the study. Right from assisting you in submitting the application form, finding the right university, and applying for a visa, Eduquanta assistants support you at every phase of your abroad journey. Even after reaching the university, our assistance will make sure you are able to get all the facilities and peace to focus on your study.

If you have a lot of confusion regarding which country and university to choose to pursue MBBS in abroad, then without thinking much, get in touch with Eduquanta right now. Once you discuss with us, you will get a clear plan that will make your entire MBBS journey stress-free. With our clear expert advice and extensive support, you can study MBBS abroad with peace of mind.

When it comes to studying MBBS abroad, you have to navigate from a variety of choices. At Eduquanta, counselors will give detailed information about almost every institution and compare them to find the suitable one for you. They support you at every part of your process and always keep in touch with you.

Benefits of Connecting with Eduquanta

1. Admission Services

We at Eduquanta clearly understand that aspirants face so many challenges when they decide to pursue MBBS in abroad. Choosing the right university and place to fulfill their dreams is one of the most daunting tasks for them. Hence, our counselors believe in suggesting the top universities that are fully accredited and provide an excellent education system. We recommend the best country to all our students based on climate conditions, safety, economy, and living conditions. We can also customize our services for every student to meet his/her requirements perfectly. We give the best possible recommendation keeping in mind career aspirations.

2. Visa Assistance

Getting admission to the best medical university is the first successful step into your desire for excellent medical education. After that, you need to navigate from the visa approval process, which is the next big hurdle. Eduquanta can help you with the visa process and be available to you until all steps of this process get cleared. Right from preparation for the application, documents and counsel will make you fully prepared for all the formalities.

3. Value-added services

Once you get the university’s acceptance and the visa approval from the authority, you almost complete your 80% procedure to travel to study in MBBS abroad. But, there are 20% complexities that you may experience after travel arrival at the destination. But don’t worry, here our assistance will catch you and assist you in the best possible way. Right from pick up, accommodation, food services, take you to university, our assistants will make your study abroad experience hassle-free.

4. Pre Departure Briefing

We understand the nervousness of future doctors. To make them comfortable, resolve their queries regarding university, country’s living standard, faculty, and so on. We conduct a pre-departure briefing counseling session. Here they can ask questions regarding MBBS abroad, we will try to answer them effectively.

Why Eduquanta for MBBS Abroad?

Eduquanta is a reputed medical education consultancy with a highly talented and experienced professional team of counselors. They will guide future doctors in a very polite and friendly way and ready to assist them round the clock. As per your academic profile, financial status, aspirations, we recommend you the right program and right university.

Eduquanta is the only medical education consultancy that works very closely with the universities we recommend to the candidates. Our very experienced consultants offer you quality education recommendations that can take your career to the next level.

If you want to study abroad and pursue MBBS from the best and highly recognized university, please feel free to contact us. Our counselors are willing to assist you with any kind of help you require regarding MBBS abroad.


Eduquanta has been created with the intent to provide quality education counseling services to future doctors. We assure you that our guidance and recommendation give you a fantastic head start. Right from choosing the best university, we take care of everything, the application process, visa approval, travel, accommodation, food services, and medical help. Just focus on the study because, at Eduquanta, the rest is all taken care of by the assistants. To learn more about our services, you can make us call or email anytime. As soon as we get your query, we will reply to you instantly.